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Importance of Motivational Interviewing Therapeutic Techniques in Audiology Clinical Work

  title={Importance of Motivational Interviewing Therapeutic Techniques in Audiology Clinical Work},
  author={Kristyn A. Livorno},



An Introduction to Applying Social Work Theories and Methods

List of boxes List of figures List of tables Introduction to theories and methods Social systems theory and the ecological perspective The strengths perspective Empowerment and use of language Social

Michael White's Narrative Therapy

A systematized description of a number of practices central to Michael Whites' narrative approach to therapy is given. These include collaborative positioning of the therapist, externalizing the

Solution-Oriented Social Work Practice: An Integrative Approach to Working with Client Strengths

Too often in practice, there is a tendency to pathologize clients, requiring a diagnosis as part of the helping relationship. Suppose, however, that most of the client problems that social workers

Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods

Major Events in the History of Family Therapy Foreword, by Salvador Minuchin, M.D Preface Part One The Context of Family Therapy Introduction The Foundations of Family Therapy The Myth of the Hero

The Application of Solution-Focused Therapy to Care Management

By applying principles common to solution-focused therapy, mental health professionals may develop collegial and productive relationships with managed care reviewers, the authors suggest.

The influence of mood on the perception of hearing-loss related quality of life in people with hearing loss and their significant others

The results demonstrate that both in people with hearing loss and their significant others, perceptions of hearing-loss related quality of life is highly correlated with negative mood scores, and future research evaluating the effectiveness of audiologic rehabilitation can use measures of mood as an outcome variable.

Motivational Interviewing and Social Work Practice

• Summary: Motivational interviewing was proposed as an alternative model to direct persuasion for facilitating behavior change. Social work behavior change interventions have traditionally focused

I Never Wanted to be a Salesman, But Here I Am: The art of Motivational Interviewing and why “selling” is a crucial skill for all health care professionals

  • Hearing Review
  • 2008