Importance, Value, and Causal Impact

  title={Importance, Value, and Causal Impact},
  author={Guy Kahane},
  journal={Journal of Moral Philosophy},
  • G. Kahane
  • Published 13 August 2021
  • Philosophy
  • Journal of Moral Philosophy
Many believe that because we are so small, we must be utterly insignificant on the cosmic scale. But whether this is so depends on what it takes to be important. On one view, what matters for importance is the difference to value that something makes. On this view, what determines our cosmic importance is not our size, but what else of value is out there. But a rival view also seems plausible: that importance requires sufficient causal impact on the relevant scale; since we have no such impact… 

Was evolution worth it?

  • G. Kahane
  • Psychology, Philosophy
    Philosophical Studies
  • 2022
The evolutionary process involved the suffering of quadrillions of sentient beings over millions of years. I argue that when we take this into account, then it is likely that when the first humans

Dying for a Cause: Meaning, Commitment, and Self-Sacrifice

  • A. Kauppinen
  • Philosophy
    Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement
  • 2021
Abstract Some people willingly risk or give up their lives for something they deeply believe in, for instance standing up to a dictator. A good example of this are members of the White Rose student

Importance, Fame, and Death

  • G. Kahane
  • Philosophy
    Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement
  • 2021
Abstract Some people want their lives to possess importance on a large scale. Some crave fame, or at least wide recognition. And some even desire glory that will only be realised after their death.



Our Cosmic Insignificance

Worries about cosmic insignificance do not express metaethical worries about objectivity or nihilism, and it is possible to explain why the vastness of the universe can make us feel insignificant.

Is this all there is?

The question I ask of neurointerventionalists and the broader community of all neurosurgeons, neurologists, radiologists, and indeed all physicians and surgeons is whether these are blessings or curses.

Meaning in Life

  • M. Steger
  • Psychology
    The Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology, 3rd Edition
  • 2018
Studies have linked meaning in life with nearly every other way of measuring the quality and well-being of people’s lives. Despite great empirical strides in meaning in life scholarship,

The Human Predicament

In the world deserted by God Hardy finds man alone and in exile. In the vast background of Nature shorn of all metaphysical meaning and silent to human hopes, man has to live his lonely life

The Oxford Handbook of Meaning in Life

  • Philosophy, Psychology
  • 2022
This volume presents thirty-two essays on a wide array of topics in modern philosophical meaning in life research. The essays are organized into six parts. Part I, Understanding Meaning in Life,

Meaning of life

EY PROF. J. K. MAJUMDAR, M. A., PH. D, A deal of ambiguity attaches to the question as to the meaning of the term 'Hfe". The term "Hfe" has usually been confined to biological phenomena ; "the

The Meanings of Lives

The question, “What is the meaning of life?” was once taken to be a paradigm of philosophical inquiry. Perhaps, outside of the academy, it still is. In philosophy classrooms and academic journals,

The human predicament.

A comparison is presented between the analyses of the human condition offered by Christianity in terms of sin, and by Saiva Siddhanta in .

Meaning in Life and Why It Matters

Acknowledgments ix Introduction by Stephen Macedo xi MEANING IN LIFE AND WHY IT MATTERS Meaning in Life 1 Why It Matters 34 COMMENTS AND RESPONSE John Koethe 67 Robert M. Adams 75 Nomy Arpaly 85

Do We Matter in The Cosmos