Import of cytochrome c into mitochondria. Cytochrome c heme lyase.

  title={Import of cytochrome c into mitochondria. Cytochrome c heme lyase.},
  author={Donald W. Nicholson and Henrike Koehler and Walter Neupert},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={164 1},
The import of cytochrome c into mitochondria can be resolved into a number of discrete steps. Here we report on the covalent attachment of heme to apocytochrome c by the enzyme cytochrome c heme lyase in mitochondria from Neurospora crassa. A new method was developed to measure directly the linkage of heme to apocytochrome c. This method is independent of conformational changes in the protein accompanying heme attachment. Tryptic peptides of [35S]cysteine-labelled apocytochrome c, and of… CONTINUE READING


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