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Imporoving reconstrucion methods for radio measurements with Tunka-Rex

  title={Imporoving reconstrucion methods for radio measurements with Tunka-Rex},
  author={P. A. Bezyazeekov and N. M. Budnev and Oleg Fedorov and O. A. Gress and Andreas Haungs and R. Hiller and T. Huege and Yulia Kazarina and M. Kleifges and E. E. Korosteleva and Dmitriy Kostunin and Oliver Kromer and Viktoria Kungel and L. A. Kuzmichev and V. Lenok and N. Lubsandorzhiev and T. Marshalkina and R. R. Mirgazov and R. Monkhoev and E. A. Osipova and A. Pakhorukov and L. Pankov and Vasili V. Prosin and Frank G. Schr{\"o}der and Aleksey Zagorodnikov},
  • P. A. Bezyazeekov, N. M. Budnev, +22 authors Aleksey Zagorodnikov
  • Published 2017
  • Physics
  • Tunka-Rex is detector for radio emission produced by cosmic-ray air-showers located in Siberia, triggered by Tunka-133, a co-located air-Cherenkov detector during night, and by a scintillator array Tunka-Grande during day. Tunka-Rex demonstrates that the radio technique can provide a cost-effective extension of existing air-shower arrays. Operating in the frequency range of 30-80 MHz, Tunka-Rex is limited by the galactic background, and suffers from the local radio interferences. We investigate… CONTINUE READING

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