Imploding-Liner Reactor Nucleonic Studies: The LINUS Blanket


Scoping nucleonic studies have been performed for a small imploding-liner fusion reactor concept. Tritium breeding ratio and time-dependent energy deposition rates were the primary parameters of ‘~~ --interestin the study. Alloys of Pb and LiPb were E E=c6”nsideredfor the liqu.i.d liner (blanket),and tri.t=Z63um breeding was found to be more than adequate r ~=s ‘-with blankets less than 1 m thick. However, neu..— 5= ‘-tr?n leakages into the solid cylinder block sur‘~~[ <~~1 rounding the liquid liner are generally quite high, := .Dol so considerable effort was concentrated on minimizing -~~hese values. __ 3== Time-dependent calculations reveal “~~~ that 89% of the energy 9_ is deposited in the blanket _ s -– within 2 PS. ~m Thus, LINUS’s blanket should remain ~ ~~~-~~:m~:r the requisite neutron and gamma-ray .

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