Implicitly Parallel Programming Models for Thousand-Core Microprocessors

  title={Implicitly Parallel Programming Models for Thousand-Core Microprocessors},
  author={Wen-mei W. Hwu and Shane Ryoo and Sain-Zee Ueng and John H. Kelm and Isaac Gelado and Sam S. Stone and Robert E. Kidd and Sara S. Baghsorkhi and Aqeel Mahesri and Stephanie C. Tsao and Nacho Navarro and Steven S. Lumetta and Matthew I. Frank and Sanjay J. Patel},
  journal={2007 44th ACM/IEEE Design Automation Conference},
This paper argues for an implicitly parallel programming model for many-core microprocessors, and provides initial technical approaches towards this goal. In an implicitly parallel programming model, programmers maximize algorithm-level parallelism, express their parallel algorithms by asserting high-level properties on top of a traditional sequential programming language, and rely on parallelizing compilers and hardware support to perform parallel execution under the hood. In such a model… CONTINUE READING
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