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Implicit Contextual Modelling for Information Seeking

  title={Implicit Contextual Modelling for Information Seeking},
  author={Ryen W. White and J. Jose and I. Ruthven},
In this position paper we present an overview of our current work in utilising contextual models to help web searchers find relevant web documents. The traditional approach to such information retrieval (IR) assumes that a user’s information need is static and does not change as they peruse the documents the search system presents to them. However, this approach is simplistic, and does not consider the dynamic nature of an information need, something that has been well documented. In our… Expand
Implicit feedback for interactive information retrieval
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The Use of Implicit Evidence for Relevance Feedback in Web Retrieval
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A fuel injection pump comprises a housing a pump assembly mounted within the housing and an annular armature slidable within a bore defined in the housing. The armature is connected to a moving partExpand