Implications of the 750 GeV γγ Resonance as a Case Study for the International Linear Collider

  title={Implications of the 750 GeV $\gamma$$\gamma$ Resonance as a Case Study for the International Linear Collider},
  author={Keisuke Fujii and Christophe Grojean and Michael E. Peskin and T. Barklow and Yuanning Gao and Shinya Kanemura and Hyungdo Kim and Jenny List and Mihoko M. Nojiri and Maxim Perelstein and Roman Poeschl and J. Reuter and Frank Simon and Tomohiko Tanabe and Jaehoon Yu and James D. Wells and A. F. Falkowski and Shigeki Matsumoto and Takeo Moroi and François J. Richard and Junping Tian and M. Vos and Hiroshi Yokoya and Hitoshi Murayama and Hitoshi Yamamoto},
If the γγ resonance at 750 GeV suggested by 2015 LHC data turns out to be a real effect, what are the implications for the physics case and upgrade path of the International Linear Collider? Whether or not the resonance is confirmed, this question provides an interesting case study testing the robustness of the ILC physics case. In this note, we address this question with two points: (1) Almost all models proposed for the new 750 GeV particle require additional new particles with electroweak… Expand