Implications of sterile neutrinos for medium/long-baseline neutrino experiments and the determination of θ13

  title={Implications of sterile neutrinos for medium/long-baseline neutrino experiments and the determination of $\theta$13},
  author={Bhubanjyoti Bhattacharya and Arun M. Thalapillil and C. E. M. Wagner},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We revisit some of the recent neutrino observations and anomalies in the context of sterile neutrinos. Based on a general parametrization motivated in the presence of sterile neutrinos, the consistency of the MINOS disappearance data with additional sterile neutrinos is discussed. We also explore the implications of sterile neutrinos for the measurement of $|U_{\mu3}|$ in this case. Regarding the determination of $|U_{e3}|$, we observe that the existence of sterile neutrinos may induce a… 

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