Implications of heat shock/stress proteins for medicine and disease.

  title={Implications of heat shock/stress proteins for medicine and disease.},
  author={Kazuhito Rokutan and Tadashi Hirakawa and Shigetada Teshima and Yoko Nakano and Mami Miyoshi and Tomoko Kawai and Eri Konda and Hidetaka Morinaga and Takeshi Nikawa and Kazuhiro Kishi},
  journal={The journal of medical investigation : JMI},
  volume={44 3-4},
Heat shock/stress proteins (HSPs) are crucial for maintenance of cellular homeostasis during normal cell growth and for survival during and after various cellular stresses. The HSP70 family functions as molecular chaperones and reduces stress-induced denaturation and aggregation of intracellular proteins. In addition to the chaperoning activities, HSP70 has been suggested to exert its protective action by protecting mitochondria and by interfering with the stress-induced apoptotic program. The… CONTINUE READING
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