Implications of End-Stage Renal Disease on Cardiac Surgery.

  title={Implications of End-Stage Renal Disease on Cardiac Surgery.},
  author={H Christiansen and Splittgerber and Claus and Philipp and Reidemeister},
  journal={The International journal of angiology : official publication of the International College of Angiology, Inc},
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End-stage renal failure requiring dialysis is considered a significant risk factor in cardiac surgery. To assess the risk we performed a retrospective analysis of 17 patients with end-stage renal failure who underwent open heart surgery during 1994 and 1995. Pre-, peri-, and postoperatively we evaluated the following factors: renal failure etiology, risk factors, concurrent diseases, previous heart diseases, complications, mortality, and long-term outcome. All patients were dialyzed on the day… CONTINUE READING