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Implications for compressed sensing of a new sampling theorem on the sphere

  title={Implications for compressed sensing of a new sampling theorem on the sphere},
  author={Jason D. McEwen and Gilles Puy and Jean-Philippe Thiran and Pierre Vandergheynst and Dimitri Van De Ville and Yves Wiaux},
A sampling theorem on the sphere has been developed recently, requiring half as many samples as alternative equiangular sampling theorems on the sphere. A reduction by a factor of two in the number of samples required to represent a band-limited signal on the sphere exactly has important implications for compressed sensing, both in terms of the dimensionality and sparsity of signals. We illustrate the impact of this property with an inpainting problem on the sphere, where we show the superior… Expand


A Novel Sampling Theorem on the Sphere
  • J. McEwen, Y. Wiaux
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
  • 2011
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