Implications de l’analyse microstructurale et géochimique des œufs de dinosaures de la cairanne (Bassin d’Aix en Provence, France, Rognacien inférieur)

  title={Implications de l’analyse microstructurale et g{\'e}ochimique des {\oe}ufs de dinosaures de la cairanne (Bassin d’Aix en Provence, France, Rognacien inf{\'e}rieur)},
  author={Yannicke Dauphin and J. J. Jaeger},
  journal={Pal{\"a}ontologische Zeitschrift},
Microstructural and geochemical analyses of the dinosaur eggshells at La Cairanne (Aix en Provence Basin, Lower Rognacien) show the presence of diagenesis. Diagenetic processes have altered the thickness of the shells and some structural data. The chemical composition has been also modified. Thus it is difficult to use these parameters to reconstruct the paleoenvironment. It is possible, indeed probable, that the problems of the previous authors about the definitions of eggshell morphotypes in… 
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It is concluded that in the late Maastrichtian populations of “Hypselosaurus,” pathologic eggshells were caused by hormonal imbalances of the vasotocin and of the estrogen levels, and postulated that the teratological shell repetition led to embryo suffocation and that the pathological reduction in shell thickness caused shell breakage and dehydration of the embryo.
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