Implication of Snail in Metabolic Stress-Induced Necrosis

  title={Implication of Snail in Metabolic Stress-Induced Necrosis},
  author={Cho Hee Kim and Hyun Min Jeon and Su Yeon Lee and Min Kyung Ju and Ji Young Moon and Hye Gyeong Park and Mi-Ae Yoo and Byung Tae Choi and Jong In Yook and Sung Lim and Song Iy Han and Ho Sung Kang},
  booktitle={PloS one},
BACKGROUND Necrosis, a type of cell death accompanied by the rupture of the plasma membrane, promotes tumor progression and aggressiveness by releasing the pro-inflammatory and angiogenic cytokine high mobility group box 1. It is commonly found in the core region of solid tumors due to hypoxia and glucose depletion (GD) resulting from insufficient vascularization. Thus, metabolic stress-induced necrosis has important clinical implications for tumor development; however, its regulatory… CONTINUE READING
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