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Implementing modern public health goals through government: an examination of new federalism and public health law.

  title={Implementing modern public health goals through government: an examination of new federalism and public health law.},
  author={Jr. James G. Hodge},
  journal={The Journal of contemporary health law and policy},
  volume={14 1},
  • J. G. Hodge
  • Published 1997
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of contemporary health law and policy

Governing in a Polarized Era: Federalism and the Response of U.S. State and Federal Governments to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Abstract How does the state of American federalism explain responses to COVID-19? State-by-state variations to the COVID-19 pandemic illustrate the political dynamics of “kaleidoscopic federalism,”

Population Health and Federalism : Whose Job Is It ?

  • Political Science
  • 2021
What do infectious epidemics, hurricanes, cigarettes, and handguns have in common? First, each can harm the health and well-being of multiple populations. Second, the source of each of these threats

The Tools at Hand: Surveillance Innovations and the Shifting Role of Federal Law Enforcement in Drug Control

Although enforcement is a key aspect of any drug prohibition scheme, changes in enforcement capabilities frequently occur independently of efforts by policymakers to manage the sometimes-conflicting

America’s Favorite Antidote: Drug-Induced Homicide in the Age of the Overdose Crisis

The role of drug-induced homicide laws as exemplars of U.S. drug policy’s reliance on criminal law to address problematic substance use is examined to support further efforts to demobilize criminal law and criminal justice actors from responding to drug-related harms in the U.s. as elsewhere.

A Comparison of the Chinese and American Undergraduate Syllabi in Regard to Their Content and Style

This paper aims to compare the Chinese and American syllabi for graduates in regard to their content and style. 36 syllabi of various majors in different universities were collected and compared. It


It is argued that the CMS should issue stronger guidance to state Medicaid programs in the creation of population health initiatives, and the CMS can influence reduction of health disparity and costs by rewarding collaboration with communities, public health entities, and social services agencies.

National Geographics: Toward a 'Federalism Function' of American Tort Law

Scholars of tort law are in apparent agreement over its dominant public law functions. Typically among those are corrective justice, loss distribution, and optimal deterrence. Inter-subjective

Public Health Strategy and the Police Powers of the State

An historical overview of the doctrine of state police power is given, recent limitations imposed on the implementation of public health police powers are addressed, and changes in state public health agency governance, focus, and regulation are suggested to rebalance public and private interests.

After September 11: Rethinking Public Health Federalism

  • W. Parmet
  • Political Science
    The Journal of law, medicine & ethics : a journal of the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics
  • 2002
Several federalism doctrines developed by the U.S. Supreme Court in the last several years have cast doubt over the federal government's ability to be an active player in public health, but these doctrines may diminish in importance as the need for a strong federal response to bioterrorism becomes clear.