Implementing a regional spatial data infrastructure based on free software


Spatial data infrastructures (SDI) are extremely important in order to combine the technical and organizational elements required to promote the use of territory-based information in an interoperable way. In fact, geographic information has unique intrinsic features, which makes it a natural indexing mechanism for spatial data. Due to its high cost and upgrade dynamics, this information should be available for reuse and should be managed and maintained by those responsible for producing it as part of management interventions in the territory. Therefore, it is important that different spatial data infrastructures, developed at different hierarchical levels, coexist and communicate in an interoperable way so that they can constitute a spatial basis of reference that facilitates the integration with other sectorial applications. This ongoing work proposes the implementation of a regional spatial data infrastructure based on free software, in compliance with the principles of the EU INSPIRE Directive and with the OGC standards.

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