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Implementing a Kerberos Single Sign-on Infrastructure

  title={Implementing a Kerberos Single Sign-on Infrastructure},
  author={Gary L. Tagg},
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Authentication and Authorization : Achieving Single Sign-on in an Erlang Environment
Forcing users to enter their credentials every time they want to use a service is associated with several problems. Common problems include lowered user productivity, increased administration costs


Kerberos: An Authentication Service for Open Network Systems
An overview of the Kerberos authentication model as imple- mented for MIT's Project Athena is given, which describes the protocols used by clients, servers, and Kerbero to achieve authentication.
Limitations of the Kerberos authentication system
A number of problems in the Kerberos authentication system, a part of MIT's Project Athena, are discussed, and solutions to some of them are presented.
The Kerberos Network Authentication Service (V5)
This document gives an overview and specification of Version 5 of the protocol for the Kerberos network authentication system, presently in production use at MIT's Project Athena, and at other Internet sites.
Using encryption for authentication in large networks of computers
Use of encryption to achieve authenticated communication in computer networks is discussed. Example protocols are presented for the establishment of authenticated connections, for the management of
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Designing an Authentication System: A Dialogue in Four Scenes
  • Designing an Authentication System: A Dialogue in Four Scenes