Implementing a Financial Derivative as Smart Contract

  title={Implementing a Financial Derivative as Smart Contract},
  author={Christian P. Fries and Peter Kohl-Landgraf and Bj{\"o}rn Paffen and Stefanie Weddigen and Luca Del Re and Wilfried Sch{\"u}tte and David Bacher and Rebecca Declara and Daniel Eichsteller and Florian Weichand and Michael Streubel},
  journal={Econometric Modeling: Derivatives eJournal},
In this note we describe the application of existing smart contract technologies with the aim to construct a new digital representation of a financial derivative contract. We compare several existing DLT based technologies. We provide a detailed description of two separate prototypes which are able to be executed on a centralized and on a DLT platform respectively. Beyond that we highlight some insights on legal aspects as well as on common integration challenges regarding existing process and… Expand
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Smart Derivative Contracts (Detaching Transactions from Counterparty Credit Risk: Specification, Parametrisation, Valuation)
A smart derivative contract with a fully deterministic termination to remove many of the inefficiencies in collateralized OTC transactions and introduces a penalty payment to modify the American option right in the contract. Expand
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