Implementing a Domain-Independent Framework to Detect Suspicious Review Patterns

  title={Implementing a Domain-Independent Framework to Detect Suspicious Review Patterns},
  author={Diwen Xue and Willie Yee and Yueping Wang and Suzanne K. Mcintosh},
  journal={2019 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data)},
  • Diwen Xue, Willie Yee, +1 author Suzanne K. Mcintosh
  • Published in
    IEEE International Conference…
  • Computer Science
  • Nowadays detecting opinion spam has attracted a lot of attention. Different approaches have been taken to tackle this problem. However, most of these approaches are neither domain-independent nor scalable. In this paper, we focus on the similar but more general problem on how to detect abnormal patterns in reviews. These abnormal patterns can indicate potential spam activities. We will implement a scalable, domain-independent framework with the help of the Hadoop ecosystem tools. We will… CONTINUE READING

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