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Implementing Standardisation in Medium-Sized Construction Firms: Facilitating Site Managers’ Feeling of Freedom Through a Bottom-Up Approach

  title={Implementing Standardisation in Medium-Sized Construction Firms: Facilitating Site Managers’ Feeling of Freedom Through a Bottom-Up Approach},
  author={Pim Polesie and Mikael Fr{\"o}dell and Per-Erik Josephson},
Construction project are often referred to as unique and construction processes often described as inefficient. The amount of waste in projects is claimed to be in the range of 10-80% depending on the definitions of waste and the methods used to study them. There is a general understanding that the proclaimed uniqueness of construction projects is a reason for the claimed inefficiency and it is suggested that the processes in construction should be more standardised to increase the efficiency… 
Construction Workers’ View on Standardised Work Procedures and its Influences on Freedom and Innovation
Implementation of standardisation in manufacturing has been considered straight forward, contrasting the construction industry. This is often explained by a uniqueness of the construction industry
Lean Construction (LC) is a way to design production systems to minimize waste of materials, time, and effort in order to generate the maximum possible amount of value. In countries where LC has been
Using Object Construction Model for Implementation Building Works Management
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  • Business
    Bulletin of the South Ural State University. Ser. Computer Technologies, Automatic Control & Radioelectronics
  • 2019
A range of methods has been developed, including the simple methods of labor hours division by the number of workers taking into account various additional factor, as well as the laborious methods to solve many logistical problems.
Organisation of Purchasing and Buyer-Supplier Relationships in Large Construction Companies
Large construction companies purchase 70-80 per cent of their turnover from material and service suppliers, rendering their purchasing processes and practices crucial for achieving profitability and
Integration of waste minimisation strategies into the design process of buildings
The construction industry is by far the greatest consumer of resources and waste producer of all industries in the UK; being responsible for 32% of total waste generation, which equates to three
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Since the introduction of Lean Construction, implementation of Lean Construction method, tools, and thinking has been a challenge. The success of Lean Construction is evident, but still
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Purpose As part of the UK Government’s strategy to address the current shortage of primary school places is the construction of standardised designed schools. The UK Government has been facing an
Improvement of decision-making in construction through reliable and Timely information
KPI based alert system together with standardized information input were suggested for multi-objective analysis within scheduling process as the sector is characterized by numerous variations in time.
Interaction in the construction process—System effects for a joinery-products supplier
Research Questions: How is the supply-chain relation between a joinery-products supplier and the construction process arranged, and what deficiencies can be seen from a supply-chain and
Standardization of large scale industrial project in multi projects environment
Abstract Execution of many similar industrial plants creates the idea of standardization in Large Scale industrial project in leading companies and this concept rapidly growing in all large scale


Three conceptual levels of construction project management work
Expanding the meaning of standardisation within construction processes
There is an urgent need for promoting a more widespread use of “visual management” approaches in order to enable effective dissemination and use of standard practices within the construction environment.
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The construction industry has been criticised in several public investigations during the last few years because of lack of competition and resistance to change. Unlike other industries the
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Construction one of the major industries in Sweden, is highly projectified. The project organisation includes multiple firms, various professions and numerous individuals. This work environment gives
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A step‐by‐step framework on how to create process documents for standardization purposes is proposed and it is proposed that process master's (best performers in a process) ways of performing their own tasks can be well documented.
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Most companies are experiencing changes in the competitive environment that typesets different sets of requirements in product development management. Action research into the implementation of
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The authors describe in detail how managers in a wide range of companies and industries - small, medium and large, North American, European and Japanese - transformed their business by applying the principles of lean thinking.
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The management of construction projects as the creation of new value and the problem of moral hazard: a practical contribution to managing construction projects.
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