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Implementing GP fundholding

  title={Implementing GP fundholding},
  author={H. Glennerster and P. Owens and M. Matsaganis},
Primary care reform: a three country comparison of 'budget holding'.
This paper examines what budget holding seeks to achieve; the effectiveness of the budget holding experience to date in achieving these objectives; and factors which appear to determine the success of budget holding in achieving its objectives. Expand
From the North Sea to the Mediterranean? Constraints to Health Reform in Greece
  • M. Matsaganis
  • Political Science, Medicine
  • International journal of health services : planning, administration, evaluation
  • 1998
The author examines the exportability of the fundholding experience from Britain to a country in which health care organization is very different, social health insurance is fragmented, private health care is large and growing, ambulatory health care services are provided by specialists, and behavioral-cultural factors cast doubt on the consequences of the proposed change. Expand
The New NHS in England : exploring the implications of decision making by Clinical Commissioning Groups and their effect on the selection of private providers
This work explores the commissioning arrangements in the NHS after the adoption of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). The thesis aims to explore how these new commissioning arrangements haveExpand
‘Like a Circle in a Spiral, Like a Wheel within a Wheel’: The Layers of Complexity and Challenge for Devolution of Health and Social Care in Greater Manchester
The inclusion of health and social care as part of Greater Manchester devolution took many by surprise. Health and social care practitioners and managers have been working together in differing waysExpand
Commissioning for long-term conditions: hearing the voice of and engaging users – a qualitative multiple case study.
The aim was to examine how commissioners enable voice and engagement of people with LTCs and identify what impact this has on the commissioning process and pattern of services and identify two key areas where improvements to practice in relation to PPEI can be made. Expand
Primary care-led commissioning: applying lessons from the past to the early development of clinical commissioning groups in England.
Early evidence is reported from the development of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), a key element in the new structures of the English NHS, of issues that CCGs and those responsible for CCG development may wish to address. Expand
When is a saving not a saving? The micro-politics of budgets and savings under practice-based commissioning
This article reports findings from a qualitative study of the implementation and outcomes of Practice-Based Commissioning (PBC) in the English National Health Service. Focusing on the localExpand
Why hasn't integrated health care developed widely in the United States and not at all in England?
  • G. Bevan, K. Janus
  • Economics, Medicine
  • Journal of health politics, policy and law
  • 2011
The division in British medicine between general practitioners and specialists means that it is difficult to implement a reorganized English NHS based on high-performing IHCDSs, and currently the most promising organizational developments in U.S. health care are hybrids resulting from vertical integration. Expand
Choice of providers and mutual healthcare purchasers: can the English National Health Service learn from the Dutch reforms?1
Exploration, as a thought experiment, of how choice of purchaser might be introduced into the English National Health Service based on lessons from the Netherlands. Expand