Implementation of security system for bank using open CV and RFID

  title={Implementation of security system for bank using open CV and RFID},
  author={K. Neeraja and Potu Rama Chandra Rao and Suman Maloji and Mohammed Ali Hussain},
  journal={International journal of engineering and technology},
Security is one of the major concerns in banking sector where we can adapt the latest techniques like face recognition and RFID we can provide better security policies. In this paper we have proposed a model with two major security techniques. The First method provides security for the locker room door by face recognition using OpenCV. Face recognition is a particular type of biometric system that can be used to analyze the obtained information and identify the user uniquely by the trained… 

Design and prototyping of a security locker system for public places using RFID technology

The proposed security system can be a major step in preventing valuable item stealth or losses in public places as this system has been designed in such a way that only the authorized owner of the locker or the admin of the system can access the locker.

Security Lock with Effective Verification Traits

This project is unique and effective in a sense that it incorporates five levels of security in a single prototype with the use of cost-effective equipment.

Car Tracking System: Availing RFID Business Value in Reducing Banks' Loss From Car Loans

The system “Vehicular Tracking System” (VTS) will help banks overcoming this problem by introducing an automated intelligent system used to track the defaulters by using RFID technology.

An application data security with lempel-ziv welch and blowfish

This research uses Blowfish algorithm which is part of Algorithm Encryption in cryptography to merge the cryptographic algorithm and the compression algorithm to ensure that files cannot be viewed by unauthorized users, ensuring files can be stored in low-capacity media all of which lead to faster delivery.

GOST enhancement key processing with Triple Transposition Key

The Triple Transposition Key algorithm on GOST can be used as an alternative to increase security on the key so that it does not have to have a combination of 2 or more algorithms that will only consume process resources and also do not significantly affect the speed of encryption and decryption.

Face recognition in office environments with Google AIY Vision Kit

The following document shows the design, development, and implementation of a computer vision system for face detection through convolutional neural networks for the surveillance of places with restricted access, such as laboratories, warehouses, offices.

IoT-Based Response Time Analysis of Messages for Smart Autonomous Collision Avoidance System Using Controller Area Network

This project aims to create a Controller Area Network (CAN) for analyzing message response times by incorporating a few application nodes on the IoT platform, such as an antilock braking system, flexible cruise control, and seat belt section, for some real-time control system applications.



Face detection based ATM security system using embedded Linux platform

The concept of smart ATM security system based on Embedded Linux platform is suggested in this paper which is implemented on the credit card size Raspberry Pi board with extended capability of open source Computer Vision software which is used for Image processing operation.

Web-Based Online Embedded Door Access Control and Home Security System Based on Face Recognition

The design and development of a home security system, based on human face recognition technology and remotely monitoring technology, to confirm visitor identity and to control door accessibility has been reported in this paper.

A Face Recognition System Based on Local Binary Patterns and Support Vector Machine for Home Security Service Robot

A real-time face recognition system for home security service robot which can be applied to recognize the person's face in front and give a warning when the identity of the person is a stranger and it works well in multi-face recognition and stranger identification, which meet the demand of robot.

Real time face recognition system (RTFRS)

  • Suad HajiA. Varol
  • Computer Science
    2016 4th International Symposium on Digital Forensic and Security (ISDFS)
  • 2016
A Windows based real time application system using face recognition algorithms that can be applied in various different fields such as identity verification and other potential commercial applications is presented.

Face detection and recognition using Raspberry Pi

This paper aims at taking face recognition to a level in which the system can replace the use of passwords and RF I-Cards for access to high security systems and buildings, with high performance.

Local Binary Pattern based face recognition system for automotive security

  • S. PatilP. Deore
  • Computer Science
    2015 International Conference on Signal Processing, Computing and Control (ISPCC)
  • 2015
The main aim of this paper is to calculate and evaluate the performance of combination of Independent Component Analysis and local binary pattern approach for different face databases that contains number of images with illumination variation, varying poses and facial expressions.

A face recognition method based on LBP feature for CNN

Convolutional Neural Networks is one of the most representative network structures in deep learning technology, and it has achieved great success in the field of image processing and recognition.