Implementation of enhanced dynamic wedge in the focus rtp system.

  title={Implementation of enhanced dynamic wedge in the focus rtp system.},
  author={Moyed Miften and Mark Wiesmeyer and Alison Beavis and Kin’ya Takahashi and Steven Broad},
  journal={Medical dosimetry : official journal of the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists},
  volume={25 2},
The FOCUS RTP system implementation of Varian's enhanced dynamic wedge (EDW) is presented. Calculations of both dose distributions and wedge factors (WFs) are based on segmented treatment tables (STTs). Calculating dose requires a "transmission matrix" derived from an STT to model the modified fluence from the source. The dose calculation is then performed using either the Clarkson or convolution/superposition algorithms. An initial "primary dose/monitor unit (MU) fraction" WF estimate at the… CONTINUE READING