Implementation of bridgeless resonant pseudo boost PFC rectifier with enabling window control


The applications of electronic equipments have increased in industrial residential and commercial purposes, which use a huge variety of electronic devices. These devices have rectification circuits which causes harmonics and losses. In order to decrease the effect of this distortion, power factor correction circuits are added to the supply input side of equipments. Due to the existence of the input bridge in the PFC rectifier, it limits to enhance the efficiency of the whole circuit. In order to reduce the losses of the rectifier bridge, bridgeless PFC rectifiers are applied. A new bridgeless single-phase AC-DC converter is implemented which have natural power factor correction capability. The studied topology when compared with the other bridgeless topologies have less conduction losses and higher power density as it has the advantage of less component count. This converter design is simple and achieves automatic PFC in an effective manner and works in resonant mode. Enabling window control method is used to give the pulses to the switches. This technique is used to improve the voltage and power by giving high frequency and medium frequency pulses to the two switches. Thus the proposed circuit is simulated using different Control technique called enabling window control and the performance of EWC is obtained and compared with the existing system.

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