Implementation of a Program of Voluntary Body Donation for Anatomical Study in the University of São Paulo, Brazil


Unclaimed corpses were for many years the supply of human material for the study of human anatomy. However, due to improved quality of life and technology, there has been the surround these. Faced with these circumstances, and the impossibility of total replacement of this material by others in training future professionals and the endless dissection technique, the Donation Voluntary Bodies for Anatomical Study is presented as an alternative to capture corpses or who wish to donate your body or part of it to research institutions and scientific study, without obtaining any pecuniary gain. Thus, the present study aimed to gather information about the knowledge and belief of the population of anatomists and freshmen, on the subject; obtain information on the importance of discipline and dissection for professional practice and reliability of the general population, and develop Donation Program Voluntary Bodies for Anatomical Study (pdvcea) for University of São Paulo (DA-ICB/USP). Regarding the importance of dissection for vocational training is considered, for the general population, such as reliability factor in professional medical surgeon, the possibility of donating Bodies is not unknown to the majority of the population studied, which do not necessarily set in potential donors. The pdvcea is created, institutionalized, but still in the process of acquiring gravesite tributes to the institution; dependent for its dissemination, clarification and placement in mass media, to decrease the time of drafting the seat of death, without financial loss to the relatives of the donors.

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