Implementation of a 4 4 Switch With Passive Interconnects

  title={Implementation of a 4 4 Switch With Passive Interconnects},
  author={Yoshihito Hashimoto and Shinichi Yorozu and Yoshio Kameda and Akira Fujimaki and Hirotaka Terai and Nobuyuki Yoshikawa},
We designed and fabricated a 4 4 switch in which all interconnections were implemented using passive transmission lines (PTLs). The switch consisted of four identical 2 2 switches connected using PTLs. The 2 2 switch was designed using gate-to-gate passive interconnections. Using the on-chip testing method, we demonstrated 40-GHz operation of the 4 4 switch. To verify the effectiveness of passive interconnection, we compared the 4 4 switch with an identical switch that was designed using… CONTINUE READING