Implementation of Voltage-Based Commutation in Space-Vector-Modulated Matrix Converter

  title={Implementation of Voltage-Based Commutation in Space-Vector-Modulated Matrix Converter},
  author={Hongwu She and Hua Lin and Bi He and Xingwei Wang and Limin Yue and Xing An},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics},
A novel voltage-based commutation (VBC) strategy without explicit input-voltage measurement is proposed in this paper. By properly selecting the width of the critical intervals, the two-step uncritical commutation and four-step critical commutation approaches are utilized to realize safe VBC. The general switching patterns of space-vector modulation (SVM) are analyzed, and the four-step critical commutations are avoided by using four selected SVM switching patterns; thus, all the commutations… CONTINUE READING
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