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Implementation of Vedic Multiplier for Digital Signal Processing

  title={Implementation of Vedic Multiplier for Digital Signal Processing},
  author={Shashidhar Kerur and Prakash Narchi and N JayashreeC and Harish Mallikarjun Kittur},
Digital signal processors (DSPs) are very important in various engineering disciplines. Fast multiplication is very important in DSPs for convolution, Fourier transforms, etc. A fast method for multiplication based on ancient Indian Vedic mathematics is proposed in this paper. The whole of Vedic mathematics is based on 16 sutras (word formulae) and manifests a unified structure of mathematics. Among the various methods of multiplication in Vedic mathematics, Urdhava tiryakbhyam is discussed in… 

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The work has proved the efficiency of Urdhva tiryakbhyam – Vedic method for multiplication which strikes a difference in the actual process of multiplication itself and the design complexity gets reduced for inputs of larger no of bits and modularity gets increased.



VHDL implementation of fast NxN multiplier based on vedic mathematic

  • S. Akhter
  • Computer Science
    2007 18th European Conference on Circuit Theory and Design
  • 2007
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Implementation Of Fast NXN Multiplier Based On Vedic Mathematics

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Further, he is promoted as Asst. Professor (Senior Grade) from the year 2010.His main research interests include VLSI design, embedded systems and communication systems

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