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Implementation of Gabor Filter on ARM 9 Processor Silpa

  title={Implementation of Gabor Filter on ARM 9 Processor Silpa},
  author={Silpa P.A},
This work implements gabor filter on ARM9 board.Gabor filters are widely used as band pass filters in image processing for texture analysis,feature extraction ,edge detection etc.They have frequency and orientation representation similar to human visual system.They have the property of self similarity that is every filter can be generated from mother wavelet.ARM9 processors have v4t architecture .It has strong arithametical capability.Since the ARM9 has features like camera interface,AHB… 



An adaptive filter for two-dimensional Gabor transformation

An adaptive filter for computation of the Gabor transformation of images is presented and computer simulations indicate that sufficient precision and a fast convergence of the coefficients can be obtained.

Image Representation Using 2D Gabor Wavelets

  • T. Lee
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The conditions under which a set of continuous 2D Gabor wavelets will provide a complete representation of any image are derived, and self-similar wavelet parametrization is found which allow stable reconstruction by summation as though the wavelets formed an orthonormal basis.

A VLSI filter architecture for digital HDTV codecs

A novel design strategy has been used to speed up the algorithm, as well as a novel adder, which results in a compact VLSI implementation of fast pipelined two-dimensional FIR filters.

Development of invariant feature maps via a computational model of simple and complex cells

Inspired by the response properties of simple and complex cells in the primary visual cortex, a computational network is proposed to learn the receptive fields of these cells, and address the development of translation invariance from a temporal sequence of natural images.

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B.J “An adaptive filter for two diamensional gabor transformation,

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Optimal gabor filter design for texture extraction