Implementation of Forensic Analysis Procedures for WhatsApp and Viber Android Applications

  title={Implementation of Forensic Analysis Procedures for WhatsApp and Viber Android Applications},
  author={Auqib Hamid Lone and Firdoos Ahmad Badroo and Khairaj Ram Chudhary and Aqeel Khalique},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
Communication in today’s world is mostly dependent on mobile phones allowing users to exchange messages, ideas, videos and audios. Numerous instant messengers are available for mobile devices which are better alternative over SMS technology. However, increased use of instant messengers also gave rise to its negative impact including unwanted activities pertaining to cyber crimes. WhatsApp and Viber are mostly used instant messengers on Android mobile devices. In this paper, we perform forensic… 
A forensics acquisition method of WhatsApp data on Android smartphone
This thesis will form guidelines on how forensic investigators extract the artifacts from WhatsApp, and the results gained are at par with popular mobile forensic tools such as Cellebrite.
A forensic investigation of Android mobile applications
It is derived that these applications despite their criticality have failed to incorporate security techniques to protect user's sensitive data and a forensic analysis can reveal crucial and significant information from a forensics point of view.
Network Forensics of WhatsApp: A Practical Approach Based on Side-Channel Analysis
This paper focuses on the WhatsApp application and proposes an approach based on the side-channel analysis to detect some actions performed by WhatsApp users, such as the starting or rejecting of a call, the joining or leaving from/to a chat group, etc.
Implementasi Prosedur Forensik untuk Analisis Artefak Whatsapp pada Ponsel Android
Penelitian ini menghasilkan prosedur yang bisa dijadikan rujukan dalam melakukan investigasi forensic aplikasi WhatsApp untuk mendapatkan barang bukti berupa sesi percakapan, data media seperti audio, no kontak, foto dan lainnya.
Online tools in the function of internal communication in the media
Whether media workers used online tools for the purpose of internal communication during the state of emergency (caused by the COVID-19) is examined, in order to perform work in aggravating, emergency circumstances.
43. Analysis of The Use of Interpersonal Communication Emoji on Whatsapp Use Among Students
The presence of social media has led to changes in the online community participation. Public participation does not only happen in the real world but also in cyberspace (Ali & Samsudin, 2012). In
Digital Forensics: Essential Competencies of Cyber-Forensics Practitioners
The various essential competencies required for the practitioners to prepare themselves for forensic investigation are discussed, and an investigation approach is taken up here to measure the effectiveness of a forensics practitioner in targeting the challenges in aForensics laboratory using multi-agent.
Forensics on Android Applications


Forensic Analysis of Instant Messenger Applications on Android Devices
The experiments and results show that heavy amount of potential evidences and valuable data can be found on Android phones by forensic investigators.
Forensic Analysis of WhatsApp on Android Smartphones
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