Implementation of Electrooculogram Based Human Computer Interface System


Communication with surrounding world is necessary for the well-being of individuals with severe nervous system injuries or disorders. For instance, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) deprives patients of their ability to speak and to move their extremities to control different devices, biomedical signals like EEG, EMG, EOG can be used. EOG based HCI has advantage over other signal based HCI. The current research paper focuses on EOG based Human computer interface system for controlling different devices. For that, it is required to develop the EOG signal acquisition system. The EOG signals are very small in amplitude, typically in millivolts. Hence, in order to generate the signals which are capable of controlling various devices, an amplifier with appropriate filters (for noise removal purpose) is required to be designed. This paper focuses on development of low cost EOG acquisition system and HCI system for controlling devices.

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