Implementation of Efficient FFT Algorithms on Fused Multiply- Add Architectures

  title={Implementation of Efficient FFT Algorithms on Fused Multiply- Add Architectures},
  author={Elliot N. Linzer and Ephraim Feig},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Signal Processing},
The decimation-in-time radix-2, radix-4, split-radix, and radix-8 algorithms, presented in a paper by Linzer and Feig [5 ] , are described in detail. These algorithms compute discrete Fourier transforms (DFT’s) on input sequences with lengths that are powers of 2 with fewer multiply-adds than traditional Cooley-Tukey algorithms. The descriptions given provide the needed details to implement these algorithms efficiently in a computer program that could compute DFT’s on a length 2” sequence for… CONTINUE READING
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