Implementation challenges for scalable neuromorphic computing

  title={Implementation challenges for scalable neuromorphic computing},
  author={Shintaro Yamamichi and Akihiro Horibe and Toyohiro Aoki and Kohji Hosokawa and Takashi Hisada and Hiroyuki Mori},
  journal={2017 Symposium on VLSI Circuits},
In the big data era, a new computing system, called Cognitive Computing, that can handle unstructured data, learn and extract the insights is required. A neuromorphic device is a key component for this, and several architectures are reported. Compared to the neuromorphic device with SRAM-based spiking neural network, a cross-bar structure device realizes on-chip leaning, but requires high-density off-chip interconnect, much higher than those for conventional high-end logic devices. Recent… CONTINUE READING


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