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Implementation and first results of the KM3NeT real-time core-collapse supernova neutrino search

  title={Implementation and first results of the KM3NeT real-time core-collapse supernova neutrino search},
  author={KM3NeT Collaboration S. Aiello and A. Albert and Mariam Alshamsi and Sergio Alves Garre and Zineb Aly and Antonio Ambrosone and Fabrizio Ameli and M. Andr{\'e} and Giorgos Androulakis and Marco Anghinolfi and Manuel Anguita and Miguel Ardid and Salva Ardid and Julien Aublin and Christos Bagatelas and B. Baret and Suzan Basegmez du Pree and Meriem Bendahman and Francesco Benfenati and Edward Berbee and A. M. van den Berg and Vincent Bertin and Simone Biagi and Markus Boettcher and Manuel Bou Cabo and Jihad Boumaaza and Mohammed Bouta and Mieke Bouwhuis and Cristiano Bozza and H.Branzacs and Ronald Bruijn and J{\"u}rgen Brunner and R. Bruno and E. J. Buis and Raffaele Buompane and Jos{\'e} Busto and Barbara Caiffi and David Calvo and S. D. Campion and Antonio Capone and V'ictor Carretero and Paolo Castaldi and Silvia Celli and Mohamed Chabab and Nhan Chau and A. Chen and Silvio Cherubini and V. Chiarella and Tommaso Chiarusi and Marco Circella and Rosanna Cocimano and J. A. B. Coelho and A. Coleiro and Marta Colomer Molla and Rosa Coniglione and Paschal Coyle and Alexandre Creusot and A. Cruz and Giacomo Cuttone and Richard Dallier and B. De Martino and I. Di Palma and A. F. D'iaz and D'idac Diego-Tortosa and Carla Distefano and Alba Domi and Corinne Donzaud and Damien Dornic and Manuel Dorr and Doriane Drouhin and T Eberl and Ahmed Eddyamoui and Tertia van Eeden and Daan van Eijk and Imad El Bojaddaini and Sonia El Hedri and Alexander Enzenhofer and V{\'i}ctor Espinosa and Paolo Fermani and Giovanna Ferrara and Milena Filipovi'c and Francesca Filippini and Luigi Antonio Fusco and Tam{\'a}s G{\'a}l and J. Garc'ia M'endez and F. Garufi and Yoann Gatelet and Curtis G Oliver and Nicole Geisselbrecht and L. Gialanella and Emidio Giorgio and Sara Rebecca Gozzini and Rodrigo Gracia and Kay Graf and Giuseppe Enrico Grella and Daniel Guderian and Carlo Guidi and Beno{\^i}t Guillon and M. Guti'errez and Jonathan Haefner and Steffen Hallmann and H. Hamdaoui and Hans van Haren and A. J. Heijboer and Amar Hekalo and Lena Hennig and Juan Jos'e Hern'andez-Rey and Jannik Hofestadt and F. Huang and Walid Idrissi Ibnsalih and G. Illuminati and C. W. James and Davit Janezashvili and M. de Jong and Paul de Jong and Bouke Jisse Jung and Piotr Kalaczy'nski and O. Kalekin and Uli Katz and Nafis Rezwan Khan Chowdhury and Giorgi Kistauri and Frits van der Knaap and Paulien Kooijman and Antoine Kouchner and Vladimir Kulikovskiy and Marc Labalme and Robert Lahmann and M. Lamoureux and Giuseppina Larosa and Chiara Filomena Lastoria and Andres Lazo and R. Le Breton and Simon Le Stum and Gr{\'e}gory Lehaut and Ornella Leonardi and F. Leone and E. Leonora and Nadja Lessing and Gil Levi and Massimiliano Lincetto and M. Lindsey Clark and Thomas Lipreau and C. D. Llorens Alvarez and Fabio Longhitano and Daniel L{\'o}pez-Coto and Lukas Maderer and Jhilik Majumdar and Jerzy Ma'nczak and Annarita Margiotta and Antonio Marinelli and Christos Markou and L. Martin and Juan Antonio Mart'inez-Mora and A. Martini and Fabio Marzaioli and S. Mastroianni and Karel Melis and Gennaro Miele and Pasquale Migliozzi and Emilio Migneco and P. Mijakowski and Luis Salvador Miranda and Carlos Maximiliano Mollo and Michael R. Moser and Abdelilah Moussa and Rasa Muller and Mario Musumeci and Lodewijk Nauta and Sergio S{\'a}nchez Navas and Carlo Alessandro Nicolau and Bhuti Nkosi and Br'ian 'O Fearraigh and Mitchell O'Sullivan and M. Organokov and Angelo Orlando and J. Palacios Gonz'alez and Gogita Papalashvili and Riccardo Papaleo and A. M. Puaun and G. E. Puavualacs and Carmelo Pellegrino and Mathieu Perrin-Terrin and Valentin Pestel and Paolo Piattelli and Camiel Pieterse and Ofelia Pisanti and Chiara Poir{\`e} and Vlad Popa and Thierry Pradier and Ines Probst and Sara Pulvirenti and Goulven Qu'em'ener and Nunzio Randazzo and S. Razzaque and Diego Real and Stefan Reck and Giorgio Riccobene and Anton Romanov and A. Rovelli and F. Salesa Greus and Dorothea Franziska Elisabeth Samtleben and Agust'in S'anchez Losa and Matteo Sanguineti and Domenico Santonocito and Piera Sapienza and Jutta Schnabel and M. F. Schneider and Johannes Schumann and H. M. Schutte and Jordan Seneca and I. Sgura and Rezo Shanidze and A. Sharma and Anna Sinopoulou and Bernardino Spisso and Maurizio Spurio and Dimitris Stavropoulos and Simona Maria Stellacci and Mauro Taiuti and Y. Tayalati and Hannes Thiersen and Steven J. Tingay and Stavroula Tsagkli and Vasileios Tsourapis and Ekaterini Tzamariudaki and Dimitrios Tzanetatos and V'eronique Van Elewyck and Godefroy Vannoye and Georges Vasileiadis and Federico Versari and Salvo Viola and Daniele Vivolo and Gwenhael de Wasseige and J{\"o}rn Wilms and Rafal Wojaczy'nski and E. de Wolf and Tarik Yousfi and S Zavatarelli and Angela Zegarelli and Daniele Zito and Juan de Dios Zornoza and Juan Pablo 'Alvarez Z'uniga and Natalia Żywucka},
The KM3NeT research infrastructure is under construction in the Mediterranean Sea. KM3NeT will study atmospheric and astrophysical neutrinos with two multi-purpose neutrino detectors, ARCA and ORCA, primarily aimed at the GeV-PeV energy scale. Thanks to the multi-photomultiplier tube design of the digital optical modules, KM3NeT is capable of detecting the neutrino burst from a Galactic or near-Galactic corecollapse supernova. This potential is already exploitable with the first detection units… Expand

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  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1988
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