Implementation and Evaluation of a Social Media-Based Communication Strategy to Enhance Employee Engagement: Experiences From a Children's Hospital, Pakistan

  title={Implementation and Evaluation of a Social Media-Based Communication Strategy to Enhance Employee Engagement: Experiences From a Children's Hospital, Pakistan},
  author={Muneera A. Rasheed and Alma Arshad Hookmani and Sana Waleed and Hina Fatima and Sohaira Siddiqui and Muhammad Ashraf Khurram and Babar Hasan},
  journal={Frontiers in Public Health},
Social media can complement organizational communication strategy which is integral to employee engagement. However, successful case studies which can allow replication are limited. The objective of the study is to describe the design, implementation, and evaluation of a social media-based communication strategy in a tertiary care hospital in Pakistan. The leadership of the pediatric service line developed an intervention plan to engage the employees with the newly reframed vision to improve… Expand

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