Implementation and Analysis of Combined Machine Learning Method for Intrusion Detection System

  title={Implementation and Analysis of Combined Machine Learning Method for Intrusion Detection System},
  author={Bisyron Wahyudi Masduki and Kalamullah Ramli and Hendri Murfi},
  journal={Int. J. Commun. Networks Inf. Secur.},
As one of the security components in Network Security Monitoring System, Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is implemented by many organizations in their networks to detect and address the impact of network attacks. There are many machine-learning methods that have been widely developed and applied in the IDS. Selection of appropriate methods is necessary to improve the detection accuracy in the application of machine-learning in IDS. In this research we proposed an IDS that we developed based on… 

Model-Based Feature Selection for Developing Network Attack Detection and Alerting System

This study presents a system that uses a machine learning approach to detect network attacks and send attack alerts, and the resulting XGBoost Model is chosen as the model that provides the highest performance results in this comparison of machine learning models.

Implementation of Ensemble Learning and Feature Selection for Performance Improvements in Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection Systems

This study used an ensemble learning approach that integrates the benefits of each single detection algorithms and made comparisons with seven single classifiers to identify the most appropriate basic classifiers for ensemble learning.

Application of Histogram-Based Outlier Scores to Detect Computer Network Anomalies

This paper analyses the use of the histogram-based outlier score (HBOS) to detect anomalies in the computer network and results of different histogram creation methods and the influence of the number of bins on the performance of anomaly detection are presented.

Novel Approach for Intrusion Detection Using Simulated Annealing Algorithm Combined with Hopfield Neural Network

  • A. Obeidat
  • Computer Science
    Int. J. Commun. Networks Inf. Secur.
  • 2020
This study proposes a new approach for intrusion detection to produce better outcomes than similar approaches with high accuracy rates that uses Simulated Annealing algorithms combined with Hopfield Neural network for supervised learning to improve performance.

A Survey of Intrusion Detection Techniques

This survey overviews various machine learning and deep learning algorithms, summarizes blockchain technology, and discusses different blockchain methods used for intrusion detection and cybersecurity, and provides insight into their applications, drawbacks, and challenges.

Application-based authentication on an inter-VM traffic in a Cloud environment

The paper lays the proposition of an Application Based Security (ABS) approach in order to enforce an application-based authentication between VMs, through various security mechanisms, filtering, structures, and policies.

Reversible Data Hiding of Digital Image Based on Pixel Combination Algorithm

  • Jingmin Zhang
  • Computer Science, Engineering
    Advances in Multimedia
  • 2022
According to the gray gradient information contained in the image, this paper proposes an automatic threshold determination algorithm suitable for the unimodal gray distribution images and uses this algorithm to complete the threshold determination and binary segmentation of all images.



Building an Intrusion Detection System Using a Filter-Based Feature Selection Algorithm

The evaluation results show that the feature selection algorithm contributes more critical features for LSSVM-IDS to achieve better accuracy and lower computational cost compared with the state-of-the-art methods.

Anomaly based intrusion detection using filter based feature selection on KDD-CUP 99

An algorithm is proposed that discriminates the anomalous from normal connection and empirical evaluation validates the superiority of the proposed algorithm against other state-of-the-art methods.

A framework for constructing features and models for intrusion detection systems

A novel framework, MADAM ID, for Mining Audit Data for Automated Models for Instrusion Detection, which uses data mining algorithms to compute activity patterns from system audit data and extracts predictive features from the patterns.

A feature reduced intrusion detection system using ANN classifier

Detection of illegal traffic pattern using Hybrid Improved CART and Multiple Extreme Learning Machine Approach

The proposed hybrid intrusion detection process, misuse detection and anomaly detection model is integrated to detect the attack in traffic pattern and it detects the known attacks and unknown attacks with ratio of 99.8 % and 52% respectively.

Survey on Incremental Approaches for Network Anomaly Detection

A selective survey of incremental approaches for detecting anomaly in normal system or network traffic is presented and the technological trends, open problems, and challenges over anomaly detection using incremental approach are discussed.

A Survey of Data Mining and Machine Learning Methods for Cyber Security Intrusion Detection

A targeted literature survey of machine learning (ML) and data processing (DM) strategies for cyber analytics in support of intrusion detection as it applies to wired networks.

Toward Credible Evaluation of Anomaly-Based Intrusion-Detection Methods

The current state of the experimental practice in the area of anomaly-based intrusion detection is reviewed and 276 studies in this area published during the period of 2000-2008 are reviewed and the common pitfalls among surveyed works are identified.