Implementasi Teknologi Irigasi Tetes pada Budidaya Tanaman Buah Naga

  title={Implementasi Teknologi Irigasi Tetes pada Budidaya Tanaman Buah Naga},
  author={Indah Bagus Widiastuti and Danar Susilo Wijayanto},
AbstractDevelopment of an efficient irrigation supplying precise amount of water can have benefits not only by reducing the operating costs but also by enhancing the dry land productivity. In the area with limited water resource, drip irrigation method provides advantage by minimizing water loss due to percolation, evaporation and surface flow. This article presents installation of a drip irrigation system for dragon fruit farmland in Nguntoronadi, Wonogiri, Indonesia. The water requirement of… 

Crop water productivity of cash crops under drip irrigation combined with soil mulching

Drip irrigation is one of important technique of watering especially during unstable and uneven distributed rainfall due to global climate change. It minimizes water loss hence may increase the CWP

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The utilization of controlled systems in drip irrigation can increase land productivity and can minimize water usage in the dry season. This irrigation system can reduce water loss and can increase

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Abstract: Agriculture plays a role in providing foods, feeds and energies. Irrigation is an important factor that has a direct impact on crop quality and quantity. Indonesia has 70% dry land which


Proper watering system will increase plant growth. Water become important part of dragon fruits growth, it should be fullfilled and controlled. A village with soil characteristic mostly hilly