Implants coated with bioactive glass by CO2-laser, an in vivo study.

  title={Implants coated with bioactive glass by CO2-laser, an in vivo study.},
  author={Niko Moritz and Sami M Rossi and Erik Vedel and Teemu Tirri and Heimo O Yl{\"a}nen and Hannu T. Aro and Timo O. N{\"a}rhi},
  journal={Journal of materials science. Materials in medicine},
  volume={15 7},
Due to ageing of the population, the number of revision operations is expected to increase. Thus good fixation of medical implants is crucial for successful treatment. In our previous studies, a method to coat titanium implants with bioactive glass (BAG) via CO2 laser treatment was introduced. It allows to localise the application of a bioactive coating, without heat treatment of the whole implant. In the present study, cylindrical titanium implants were used (BAG-coated, control group: NaOH… CONTINUE READING
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