Implantable CMOS neuro-stimulus chip for visual prosthesis

  title={Implantable CMOS neuro-stimulus chip for visual prosthesis},
  author={Xin Zhang and Weihua Pei and Beiju Huang and Shujing Wang and Ning Guan and Kai Guo and Yu Wang and Qiang Gui and Jin Chen and Kai Wang and Huijuan Wu and Xiaoxin Li and Kai Li and Hongda Chen},
  journal={Science China Information Sciences},
A prototype chip with 2×2 pixels for implanting in blind patients affected by outer retinal degeneration is presented in this paper. This visual prosthesis chip imitates the degenerated photoreceptor cells, senses the incident light and stimulates the remaining healthy layers of retina or optic nerve. Each pixel integrates photodiode and stimulus pulse generator, converting the illumination on the eyes into 3-bit resolution bi-phasic current pulses. On-chip charge cancellation modules are used… CONTINUE READING