Implant-retained removable prosthesis with ball attachments in partially edentulous maxilla.


This clinical report presents a restorative option for the partially edentulous maxilla utilizing an implant-retained removable partial denture without retentive clasps. This approach required (1) fewer patient visits and laboratory procedures; (2) the use of minimal number of implants; (3) lower financial obligations; and (4) no sinus elevation surgery. The use of O-ring attachments provided excellent retention and stability. The detachable prosthesis over implants allows easier oral hygiene by the patient and provides superior esthetics and phonetics in cases involving advanced ridge resorption.

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@article{Carvalho2001ImplantretainedRP, title={Implant-retained removable prosthesis with ball attachments in partially edentulous maxilla.}, author={Waldimir R de Carvalho and Eliane dos Santos Porto Barboza and Andr{\'e} Luis Ca{\'u}la}, journal={Implant dentistry}, year={2001}, volume={10 4}, pages={280-4} }