[Implant placement in the aesthetic zone: the socket-shield-technique].


Following the extraction of an incisor in the maxilla, resorption of the -alveolar bone always occurs, especially on the buccal side. This often indicates that in the buccocervical area, insufficient bone is present to cover the dental implant. One treatment option is to carry out a bone transplant on the buccal side prior to or during the placement of the implant. An alternative way of supporting the buccocervical gingival is to leave the buccal part of the radixin situ, the so-called socket-shield technique. The results of this treatment for 16 consecutive patients were evaluated and revealed that the socket-shield technique produces good treatment results.

DOI: 10.5177/ntvt.2015.01.14180

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@article{Lagas2015ImplantPI, title={[Implant placement in the aesthetic zone: the socket-shield-technique].}, author={L J Lagas and J J F A A Pepplinkhuizen and Stefaan Jozef Berg{\'e} and Gert Johan Meijer}, journal={Nederlands tijdschrift voor tandheelkunde}, year={2015}, volume={122 1}, pages={33-6} }