Impingement heat transfer from wedge surface

  title={Impingement heat transfer from wedge surface},
  author={Omar Faruque and Ranajit Kumar Brahma and Ramesh C. Arora},
  journal={W{\"a}rme - und Stoff{\"u}bertragung},
  • Omar Faruque, Ranajit Kumar Brahma, Ramesh C. Arora
  • Published 1991
  • Materials Science
  • Wärme - und Stoffübertragung
  • An experimental investigation is made to study the heat transfer characteristics of slot jet impingement on a wedge whose included angle is 90°. Local and average heat transfer rates from the wedge surfaces have been measured. The experiments have been conducted with isothermal wedge surface at Reynolds numbers ranging from 5 680 to 16 600. The effects of varying the flow rate, width of the nozzle, distance of the wedge vertex from the nozzle exit, eccentricity of the wedge vertex to the jet… CONTINUE READING

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