Impermeant potential-sensitive oxonol dyes: I. Evidence for an “On-off” mechanism

  title={Impermeant potential-sensitive oxonol dyes: I. Evidence for an “On-off” mechanism},
  author={Edwin B. George and Paul Nyirjesy and Michael Basson and Lauren Ernst and Promod R Pratap and Jeffrey C. Freedman and Alan S. Waggoner},
  journal={The Journal of Membrane Biology},
This series of papers addresses the mechanism by which certain impermeant oxonol dyes respond to membranepotential changes, denoted ΔE m . Hemispherical oxidized cholesterol bilayer membranes provided a controlled model membrane system for determining the dependence of the light absorption signal from the dye on parameters such as the wavelength and polarization of the light illuminating the membrane, the structure of the dye, and ΔE m . This paper is concerned with the determination and… CONTINUE READING