Imperial Leather: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Colonial Contest

  title={Imperial Leather: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Colonial Contest},
  author={Anne Mcclintock},
I. Empire of the Home 1. The Lay of the Land 2. "Massa and Maids 3. Imperial Leather 4. Psychoanalysis, Race and Female Fetish II. Double Crossings 5. Soft-Soaping Empire 6. The White Family of Man 7. Olive Schreiner III. Dismantling the Master's House 8. The Scandal of Hybridity 9. "Azikwelwa" (We Will Not Ride) 10. No Longer in a Future Heading 

Empire's Fetish: Sexualised nationalism and gendering of the Falklands War

This article examines nationalist impulses toward a familiar, traditional heteronormativity through the language and imagery of a sample of tabloid newspapers in Britain during the Falklands War in

Masculinity and the New Imperialism: Rewriting Manhood in British Popular Literature, 1870–1914

Introduction: better men 1. Gunga Din and other better men: the burden of imperial manhood in Kipling's verse 2. Cultural cross-dressing and the politics of masculine performance 3. Piracy, play, and

Slavery and the Politics of Place: Representing the Colonial Caribbean, 1770-1833

Introduction: captive spaces 1. The planter picturesque 2. Stedman's Tropics: the mercenary as naturalist 3. Colonial history and Atlantic geography 4. Equiano's politics of place: from roots to

Fashioning Women, Fastening Empire: Domestic Dress and Savage Skin in Mr. Meeson's Will

ABSTRACT:This article examines Henry Rider Haggard's novel Mr. Meeson's Will in the context of Victorian discourses concerning fashion and progress. I argue that the practice of fashionable tattooing

The Erotics of Racialization: Gender and Sexuality in the Making of California

Indigenous people understand that there is no difference between the telling and the material. They understand how we all, in fact, live inside and through the narratives we tell and that the

Modernist Voyages: Colonial Women Writers in London, 1890-1945

Introduction 1. Olive Schreiner: diamonds, prostitution and From Man to Man 2. Sarojini Naidu: feminist nationalism and cross-cultural poetics 3. Sara Jeannette Duncan: A Canadian Girl in London 4.

White domestic goddess on a postmodern plantation: charity and commodity racism in The Blind Side.

This article looks at the Hollywood “blockbuster” movie The Blind Side (2009) to explore intersections of race, class, and gender in a significant neoliberal, cultural commodity. Animating the

Transcending racial/cultural spaces: the power of the woman in Yusuf Dawood's The Price of Living and Water Under the Bridge

This paper interrogates Yusuf Dawood's portrayal of women characters in two of his novels – The Price of Living (1983) and Water Under the Bridge (1991) against the background of the

Women, Gender, Intimacy, and Empire

This article presents a genealogy of historical studies of women, gender, intimacy, and empire from the late 1970s to the present day, with specific reference to modern European imperial formations.

Fortunata, L'Africaine: Slavery and Semitism in Spain's Modern Empire

This essay recasts the central ideological opposition of Benito Pérez Galdós's Fortunata y Jacinta (1887) between the bourgeoisie and the sexually deviant Fortunata, in imperial terms, by exploring