Imperial Eyes: Travel Writing and Transculturation

  title={Imperial Eyes: Travel Writing and Transculturation},
  author={Mary Louise Pratt},
1st edition contents List of Illustrations Preface Introduction: Criticism in the contact zone Part I Science and sentiment, 1750-1800 Science, planetary consciousness, interiors Narrating the anti-conquest Anti-conquest II: The mystique of reciprocity Eros and Abolition Part II The reinvention of America, 1800-50 Alexander von Humboldt and the reinvention of America Reinventing America II: The capitalist vanguard and the exploratrices sociales Reinventing America/Reinventing Europe: Creole… 
American Migrant Fictions: Space, Narrative, Identity
Acknowledgements List of Figures Introduction: The Spatial Aesthetics of Transnationalism and Transligualism 1 Double Visions and Aesthetics of the Migratory: Aleksandar Hemon's Lazarus Project 2
Beyond Imperial Eyes
The influence of Mary Louise Pratt’s 1992 study, Imperial Eyes: Travel Writing and Transculturation, has been far reaching. That Pratt was persuaded to update and expand her original book in a
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