Imperial Bending of Rules: The British Empire, the Treaty of Lausanne, and Cypriot Immigration to Turkey

  title={Imperial Bending of Rules: The British Empire, the Treaty of Lausanne, and Cypriot Immigration to Turkey},
  author={Ilia Xypolia},
  journal={Diplomacy \& Statecraft},
  pages={674 - 691}
  • Ilia Xypolia
  • Published 2 October 2021
  • History
  • Diplomacy & Statecraft
ABSTRACT The 1923 Treaty of Lausanne has been the most consequential treaty for the Eastern Mediterranean during the past century. It established the borders of the newly founded Republic of Turkey and defined its relations with Cyprus. Yet, a provision of the treaty has escaped scholarly scrutiny. This analysis explores the violation of Lausanne’s Article 21 that provided for emigration of Moslem Cypriots to Turkey by British Imperial officials in Cyprus. There are three significant issues… 



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    Under-Secretary of State [Foreign Office] to Under-Secretary of State

    • Colonial Office

    This and the rest of the paragraph based on 'Petition of Cypriot Optants for Turkish Nationality