Imperfective Aspect and the Interplay of Aspect, Tense, and Modality in Torau

  title={Imperfective Aspect and the Interplay of Aspect, Tense, and Modality in Torau},
  author={Bill Palmer},
  journal={Oceanic Linguistics},
  pages={499 - 519}
  • B. Palmer
  • Published 1 December 2007
  • Linguistics
  • Oceanic Linguistics
Torau displays a highly complex system of aspect, tense, and modal marking. One of the most complex elements of this system is the marking of imperfective aspect. Imperfective in Torau is marked by a construction employing a choice of two overt imperfective markers and the possible presence of reduplication. The range of imperfective semantics encoded by this construction varies widely, encompassing progressive, habitual, persistive, and progressive inchoative or inceptive. Which reading is… 

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