Imperfections and energy barriers in shell buckling

  title={Imperfections and energy barriers in shell buckling},
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Abstract The elastic buckling of shell structures such as spherical shells subject to external pressure and cylindrical shells loaded in axial compression is highly sensitive to imperfections and often catastrophic. Recent studies of spherical shells have provided accurate quantitative results for the relation between the buckling pressure and the amplitude and shape of geometric imperfections and, additionally, quantitative results for the energy barrier that must be overcome to buckle the… Expand
Buckling Thresholds for Pre-Loaded Spherical Shells Subject to Localized Blasts
This paper investigates the robustness against localized impacts of elastic spherical shells pre-loaded under uniform external pressure. We subjected a pre-loaded spherical shell that is clamped atExpand
Nonlinear dynamics of spherical shells buckling under step pressure
Damping plays an important role in dynamic buckling because of the time-dependent nonlinear interaction among modes, particularly the interaction between the spherically symmetric ‘breathing' mode and the buckling mode. Expand
Incomplete reduced stiffness method for imperfection sensitivity of cylindrical shells
Abstract Cylindrical shells are commonly used in the industry structures, and they are prone to buckling under axial compression load. However, the practical critical loads are often lower than theExpand
Probing the buckling of pressurized spherical shells
Abstract The prediction of the critical buckling conditions of shell structures is plagued by imperfection sensitivity. Non-destructive testing through point-load probing has been recently proposedExpand
Nondestructive Prediction of the Buckling Load of Imperfect Shells.
This study introduces a nonlinear description where finite-amplitude perturbations trigger buckling and provides a new promising framework to understand shell buckling, and more generally, imperfection-sensitive instabilities. Expand
On the imperfection sensitivity and design of spherical domes under external pressure
Abstract Deep spherical shells are often used as pressure vessels in ocean and aerospace engineering. When subjected to external pressure, these thin-walled shells are prone to buckling. TheExpand
Buckling Analyses of Spherical Shells by the Finite Element Method Based on the Willis-Form Equations
Buckling analysis of spherical shells under external pressure is a crucial problem in mechanical and aerospace engineering and the buckling loads obtained by classical methods are shown to be underestimated. Expand
Buckling of pressurized spherical shells containing a through-thickness defect
Abstract We present a study on the pressure buckling of thin, elastic spherical shells containing a thickness defect. Methodologically, we combine precision model experiments, finite elementExpand
Delayed buckling of spherical shells due to viscoelastic knockdown of the critical load
We performed dynamic pressure buckling experiments on defect-seeded spherical shells made of a common silicone elastomer. Unlike in quasi-static experiments, shells buckled at ostensibly subcriticalExpand
Buckling of a pressurized hemispherical shell subjected to a probing force
We study the buckling of hemispherical elastic shells subjected to the combined effect of pressure loading and a probing force. We perform an experimental investigation using thin shells of nearlyExpand


Nonlinear Buckling Interaction for Spherical Shells Subject to Pressure and Probing Forces
Elastic spherical shells loaded under uniform pressure are subject to equal and opposite compressive probing forces at their poles to trigger and explore buckling. When the shells support externalExpand
Nonlinear buckling behaviour of spherical shells: barriers and symmetry-breaking dimples
  • J. Hutchinson, J. Thompson
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2017
The nonlinear axisymmetric post-buckling behaviour of perfect, thin, elastic spherical shells subject to external pressure and their asymmetric bifurcations are characterized, providing results for aExpand
Buckling of spherical shells revisited
  • J. Hutchinson
  • Physics
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences
  • 2016
A study is presented of the post-buckling behaviour and imperfection sensitivity of complete spherical shells subject to uniform external pressure. The study builds on and extends the majorExpand
The Geometric Role of Precisely Engineered Imperfections on the Critical Buckling Load of Spherical Elastic Shells
We study the effect of a dimple-like geometric imperfection on the critical buckling load of spherical elastic shells under pressure loading. This investigation combines precision experiments, finiteExpand
Knockdown factors for buckling of cylindrical and spherical shells subject to reduced biaxial membrane stress
Abstract Cylindrical shells under uniaxial compression and spherical shells under equi-biaxial compression display the most extreme buckling sensitivity to imperfections. In engineering practice, theExpand
Buckling of a pressurized hemispherical shell subjected to a probing force
We study the buckling of hemispherical elastic shells subjected to the combined effect of pressure loading and a probing force. We perform an experimental investigation using thin shells of nearlyExpand
Shock-Sensitivity in Shell-Like Structures: With Simulations of Spherical Shell Buckling
Assessment in general terms how a single control can capture remote saddle solutions is assessed: in particular, how a symmetric probe could locate an asymmetric solution. Expand
Buckling of a spherical shell under external pressure and inward concentrated load: Asymptotic solution
An asymptotic solution is suggested for a thin isotropic spherical shell subject to uniform external pressure and concentrated load. The pressure is the main load and a concentrated lateral load isExpand
Advances in Shell Buckling: Theory and Experiments
  • J. Thompson
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • Int. J. Bifurc. Chaos
  • 2015
The true significance of the Maxwell energy criterion load was showed in predicting the sudden onset of "shock sensitivity" to lateral disturbances, and how these concepts relate to the response and energy barriers of an axially compressed cylindrical shell. Expand
Energy barrier as a criterion for stability estimation of spherical shell under uniform external pressure
Abstract Energy perturbation is applied as a measure in the stability analysis of a spherical shell subjected to uniform external pressure. The energy barrier (buckling energy) is calculated usingExpand