Imperfect coordination chemistry facilitates metal ion release in the Psa permease.

  title={Imperfect coordination chemistry facilitates metal ion release in the Psa permease.},
  author={Rafael M Cou{\~n}ago and Miranda Ween and Stephanie L. Begg and Megha Bajaj and Johannes Zuegg and Megan L. O'Mara and Matthew A. Cooper and Alastair G. McEwan and James C Paton and Bostjan Kobe and Christopher A McDevitt},
  journal={Nature chemical biology},
  volume={10 1},
The relative stability of divalent first-row transition metal ion complexes, as defined by the Irving-Williams series, poses a fundamental chemical challenge for selectivity in bacterial metal ion acquisition. Here we show that although the substrate-binding protein of Streptococcus pneumoniae, PsaA, is finely attuned to bind its physiological substrate manganese, it can also bind a broad range of other divalent transition metal cations. By combining high-resolution structural data, metal… CONTINUE READING

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