Impedance matrix compression (IMC) using iteratively selected wavelet basis for MFIE formulations

  title={Impedance matrix compression (IMC) using iteratively selected wavelet basis for MFIE formulations},
  author={Zachi Baharav and Yehuda Leviatan},
  journal={IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium. 1996 Digest},
  pages={348-351 vol.1}
Wavelet expansions have been employed in method of moments (MoM) solutions of frequency-domain integral equations. In these solutions the unknown quantity of interest (usually the current on the scatterer) is first represented in terms of a set of wavelet basis functions, and then the difference between the two sides of the equation is forced to be orthogonal to a set of wavelet testing functions. While this approach generally yields satisfactory solutions, it has two disadvantages. We propose… CONTINUE READING
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